For All The Girls Who Are Able To Laugh At Themselves, Because Embarrassment Is Overrated


I literally LOVE to be laughed at. To me, there aren’t many better feelings than being the butt of a joke. I love being surrounded by a group of friends who are in stitches because of something silly I’ve said or done.

I have a very long list of things that I’ve said and done that baffle even me. Don’t get me wrong, I am a smart girl and do very well in my studies but I have had my fair share of blonde moments.

Just to name a few:

1. When I was in the 9th grade, I asked if Madagascar was a real place.

2. Just recently on holiday with a group of friends, I asked if stars were rocks.

3. 5 minutes later, I VERY confidently said that I was certain the Sun was a rock.

4. The next day as a test I was asked what a star was. In a laughing kind of f*ck you attitude I replied ‘a meteorite.’

5. On the same holiday (Yes, it gets worse) I mistook the Southern Cross for the Union Jack on the Australian flag

6. I thought the popular saying ‘polar opposites’ was pronounced ‘bipolar opposites’ (And thus, have been living my whole life in contradiction)

The biggest compliment I’ve ever received was unintentional with a very close friend of mine admiring my confidence and ability to take everything as it comes. He looked at me, almost confused and said “You just take it so well. You’re always a good sport and I love that about you.”

This friend of mine, he quite literally took my breath away. I thanked him and told him I genuinely do not care at all and if people are laughing at me (partly because 99% of the time I’m laughing as well).

The next few days I thought really hard about what he said and it made me realize:

The key to life is to ooze with confidence. Having confidence, I truly believe is the key success.

Confidently greeting someone you’ve never met before absolutely increases your chances of becoming friends. Being confident that you will do well in an exam will help you study better. Walking into a job interview with confidence will set a far better impression than if you walk in slouched and nervous.

Being confident enough to not take offense when your friends roast you for their own entertainment will teach you that there is much more to life than worrying about what others think of you.

Words truly cannot describe how happy it makes me to see my friends, the people I love, happy. If it takes pointing out my flaws or taking the p*ss out of me to put a smile on someone’s face who might otherwise not want to smile, then that is a very small price I will ALWAYS be willing to pay.