For All The Girls Who Are Tired Of Being The ‘Maybe’ Option


We all know a girl like this. She’s just a ‘maybe’ to him. Nothing more. Yet he can’t seem to fully let her go.

It’s always the same routine: late night drinks, Netflix and Chill on Friday nights, and – if you’re lucky – you get a mid-week hangout because it happens to fit his schedule.

But you’re holding on to something that just may never be. You’ve tried talking about it before and it usually leads to a fight.

He says he just isn’t ready for commitment, but he loves spending all of this time with you.

You give in. Saying the exact same thing. You didn’t really want a relationship either… right?

Stop kidding yourself girl.

You know you want a relationship. You are scared to tell him that you want him to be your boyfriend. If you bring up the conversation again, you know he will just end whatever is going on between you two.

But I have to ask: isn’t it worth it to be honest and up front with him? Do you want to go around being “just a maybe girl”?

Maybe he will change his mind and want a relationship. Maybe he will smarten up and realize I am the right choice for him. Maybe he will take this seriously.

It’s all about the maybe, and you have placed yourself in the category by not expressing how you truly feel.


You deserve the moon and the stars. You deserved to be loved, fully. You deserve to show off the guy you are dating and he sure as hell better be proud to show you off too. You deserve those relaxing movie nights and breakfast in bed on Sunday morning before you head to the grocery store together. You deserve to be showered with gifts and surprise flowers, just because.

What I am trying to tell you is that you do deserve it all.

And you will have it all, if you only let go of this guy. You won’t get any of that with him, because he isn’t willing to see how amazing you are. But you can start by realizing it yourself.

You might even be trying to convince yourself that you should go have this talk with him. But what if this really is the last time for you two?

Well darling, I’d much rather give up on a ‘maybe’ guy and be single for a little bit if that meant I was opening up space in my life for the right guy.