For All Those Who See Fashion As Nothing But Superficial, Read This


They say that what matters is what’s on the inside. This phrase alone is what has caused the biggest controversy with the fashion industry. However, people who say this are viewing fashion from the outside and refusing to see the industry in a different light, the light I see it in. It may not appeal to you, it may not make sense to you, but nevertheless, if what really matters is on the inside, then join me in discovering the “inside” of fashion.

Fashion, just like painting, poetry, or music, is an art, a form of expression. Designers are the makers, the painters or composers. Well, what about canvases and sheet music? Those are the beautiful models and mannequins that the makers use to showcase their creations to the world. The love for fashion and clothing is not limited to those who are seen as feminine and good looking in society eyes. Fashion brings the truth into the statement, “love yourself for who you are” and “all sizes are beautiful,” as the utilization of various styles and colors is the what makes you highlight the features you are most proud of and love yourself even more.

Now we come to trends. For the longest time, fashion trends and “staying in style” have been hated on and I’ve never understood why. Trends are what made me fall in love with the industry in the first place. I’ve always been the type of person who cannot follow the same routine for long as even if it is the most interesting routine, the repetition bores me. That’s why I love fashion, trends break this repetition as they offer something new to obsess about every season and keep all the fashionistas on their feet.

Rather than the misconception that trends are followed because of peer pressure, in my opinion, it is the opposite. Trends break the status quo by offering new and exciting styles, colors and designs. I do not see trends as rules that must be followed strictly in order to avoid being considered “outdated” or “behind the times.” I see trends as guidelines and ideas that help me decide what to wear in the morning in addition to my own style. It keeps me intrigued and curious as to what could be next, the possibilities are endless!

Fashion, despite its misconceptions, is something that everyone can be a part of. Whether you’re a woman who’s comfortable dressing in a more masculine manner or vice versa. This industry has always encouraged everyone to embrace their uniqueness and express themselves according to who they really are long before the rest of the world was ready to embrace it.

According to me, we are all models of our own style and if I have one piece of advice, it’s to remember that every step you take is as significant as every step Miranda Kerr takes on the runway at fashion week.

The path you create for yourself is your runway and if you wear your style with confidence and finesse, you will be envied by all. So to all those who say that fashion is shallow as it only focuses on outwardly appearances, the way I see it fashion is what bring out the person you are on the inside for the world to see. It’s what makes passers by who will never know you, get a glimpse into your soul through a mere glance at your outfit. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in truth, the cover is what catches your eye and introduces you to what the book is about.