For The Girls Who Fall Too Soon


I never intended to feel an ache so consuming
We haven’t known each other for long
But there is already a certain routine to us
You are my first morning thought
And here I am falling asleep to your texts

I know you think you are filling the void
But I need you to believe me you are filling so much more than that
You remind me of who I was, before they broke my heart
It can’t be a coincidence that you haven’t found someone
Even your heart knows it’s waiting for me

I know you’re afraid to admit it
That I mean more to you than you let on
You try to convince yourself that there’s nothing
Then why do you know every insignificant detail about me?
You’re only fooling yourself, love

I’m drunk on the idea of what could happen
I don’t care how we end, I just know I want us to start
Tell me if I can continue building a home in your heart
Before I grow awfully tired of you
Then at least I won’t feel the pain in finding myself alone again