For The Girls Who Follow Their Heart And Not Their Head


We fall in love easily. We like to think it’s because we have a lot of love to give, but maybe it’s because we’re foolish. Because we lead with our heart and not with our head. Because our mind is capable of seeing everything our hearts are blinded by. Our brain tells us to run away, and our heart tells us to stay.

But what if our foolishness is the same thing that leads us to our happiness? What if we don’t want to accept that it could lead us to sadness instead? It’s okay to be hopeful, our hope is not stupidity, it is courage. Because it takes strength to listen to your heart with the risk of it being broken, but it is the way others mistake your openness for weakness that leads to hurt and pain. They mistake your vulnerability for desperation. Because if we are vulnerable, honest, or god forbid, express ourselves in a way that corresponds to exactly how we feel, we are too much. We are overdoing it, trying too hard, getting too attached. We are desperate for love. But following your heart doesn’t make you desperate for love, it makes you open to finding it.

And we tend to find what we mistakenly think is love over and over again. Because sometimes our heart is wrong. Sometimes it makes mistakes. But every step our heart navigates, is made for a reason. Our heart tells us where to go only when it feels something. And acknowledging the feeling is better than ignoring it. We follow our hearts with every right intention, but sometimes our right intentions lead to expectations, and then the expectations lead to disappointments.

But real love isn’t disappointing. It can be trying and difficult, and complicated, but it isn’t full of empty promises; it’s full of support, encouragement, and confidence. This is the love our hearts are trying to find, and we follow them in hopes that one day they will find it.

We may fall in love easy, but when we do, we fall hard. And while our mind is more pragmatic, our hearts are drowning in emotions. We want our head to match our heart, but sometimes our hearts are too stubborn to listen.