For The Girls With All The Feels


We’re human. We feel things deeply and we feel them often. We have feelings about everything and anything. We’re able to feel fear, pain, happiness, joy, and everything in between. It’s important that we feel through those in-betweens. Take those moments as they come and feel them passionately.

I get it. It’s hard for girls like us who feel EVERYTHING. Not only do we feel everything, but we express those feelings through our actions, words, body language, etc. Ladies, stop apologizing to everyone for feeling a certain way or having feelings in the first place. No one, and I mean no one, can validate your feelings for you. You feel what you feel and you feel through every bit of it.

Stop allowing men in particular to make you feel as if something’s wrong with you for expressing your feelings. You may talk about it, write about it, or do whatever it is that helps you feel through it all. Are your feelings pushing a certain person away? Too damn bad. Aren’t you sick of getting your heart broken by the same dirtbag over and over again? Aren’t you sick of pushing down your feelings for him over and over again? Aren’t you sick of being there time and time again and still being treated like shit? Aren’t you sick of crying over how mean he is to you when you don’t say what he wants you to say? Aren’t you sick of being what he wants when it’s convenient for him?


Breathe it in and let it go. Take the feeling that you’re feeling right now and remember that you never want to feel this way again. Remember that you have been through the absolute worse and this is very minute compared to the shit you’ve been through. Remember that anyone who loves you or cares about you wouldn’t want to make you feel this way. So, take this feeling and remember you deserve to feel more.

You deserve more happiness. You deserve butterflies in your stomach and kisses on your forehead. You deserve surprise coffees and snuggles goodnight. You deserve so many more happy feelings instead of the constant feeling of despair.

You deserve people in your life that understand your feelings and want you to express them. You deserve this in every relationship and friendship you have in your life. You deserve to feel like you’re worth more than how you’re being treated, and more importantly, how you’re treating yourself.

You are worth your imperfections, your good days, and your bad. You are worth the headache, constant confusion, and insecurities. You are worth the fights, the love, and tears.

You are worth love and that’s a fact. Stop apologizing for your feelings or for being the girl that feels it all. Embrace who you are and learn to love every single aspect of that. Someone will think the sun shines out of your ass, because it does.

And that’s a fucking fact.