For The Girls With Healing Heartache


There is nothing wrong with you.
Let yourself cry in public, wallow in bed,
have emotions, be human,
And let people think you’re crazy.
Embrace the bitter–
but somewhat beautiful heartache
because you owe yourself the time to heal.

It will be easy to cling to someone new,
But be careful.
Do not assume the first person
who gives you attention
Has the intention to love you.
You are vulnerable, but
that does not make you any less strong.

This is your time to learn,
take on new hobbies,
Treat yourself–take yourself on dates.
Sell your old clothes
and use the money to buy new ones,
Complete unfinished projects–
Pursue everything your heart desires.

Reinvent yourself, realize your capabilities
Don’t become too cynical,
but don’t settle either.
You are not broken or damaged
You are radiant and shining with experience.
Just never go back to the one who hurt you;
You are way out of his league now.