For The Men Who DO Respect Women


I’m sitting on my bed reading yet another online article about how men have unrealistic standards for women. Men want women to wear makeup but look natural. Men want women to be smart but not too smart. Men like a woman who eats but doesn’t want her to be fat. The list goes on and on – each line condemning men and praising the women who don’t give in to a man’s expectations.

We live in a time when the powerful feminism of the women’s suffrage movement has turned into vicious man-hating. Feminism has cast off the desire for equality and is going straight for superiority. It is not enough to achieve fairness. The new goal is the breaking of a man’s spirit. Female empowerment is a wonderful, but why does it have to be at the expense of men? We expect a man’s respect but don’t give him any respect in return.

The truth is that, despite what you see on the news every day, most men are not sexist or rapists. Most men do respect women. But these men face increasing ridicule every day for having that Y chromosome. Here’s a secret, guys – girls are not perfect either. We are never satisfied. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves, our friendships, our relationships. We have a fundamental fear of not being enough. And we need you.

Since when is it wrong for a woman to want to be desired and pursued by a man? Women are beautiful and powerful and mysterious. Our hearts long to be understood. Some of us would actually like for a man to take care of us – not because we require his help, but because we want it. That want is not weakness. It is recognition of what men have to offer. Men are strong and adventurous and protective. They want to capture a woman’s heart and keep it safe while they try to unravel its mystery.

I love the shift in Hollywood towards movies that show a woman’s strength. It is great for young girls to have strong female role models. But as wonderful as it is for a little girl to pretend to be Katniss, it is also wonderful for a little girl to pretend to be a princess in a tower, waiting for her prince to save her. Little girls need to know they can save themselves, but that it is also okay to be saved. That’s what the princes are for.

To the men who DO respect the women in their lives, to the boys who grew up wanting to be the prince that slays the dragon and saves the girl, keep pursuing us. Keep trying to make us feel loved and wanted. Lead us on great adventures and take care of us at the end of the day. Do this and you’ll win our hearts.

Respect us and we’ll respect you right back.