For The Nights When Thoughts Of You Keep Me Awake


04-16-17 – 12:05 a.m.

Staring blankly
at the ceiling,
I think of you.

The darkness consumes my thoughts,
that all seem to merge together as one anyway
when I think of you.

A tear stings my cheek
and I feel it fade,
but the dried up feeling lingers for a while.

Guilt punches my stomach,
wondering what it would be like to have you here.

I cannot even imagine it.

That how long it’s been. Too long.

My teeth clench
and my body begins to feel numb.
I’m ill.

Hoping I can fall asleep soon.
To forget the pain.
Forget the hurt.
But more importantly, so I can see you.
So I can see you once again
and forget what it’s like
to have to live every day without you.