For What It’s Worth, This Is The Person Who Deserves Your Love


This is your reminder that the person you choose to love with your entire heart, will be the person you love for your entire life. Not just when you are young and the world lays perfectly in front of you, but when life gets messy and things seem unable to fit back in the puzzle. You have to choose someone who wants to stand by your side. Someone that wants to be there when obstacles flare-up. Someone who will support and encourage you. You must choose someone who will love you with just as much force as the love you give them.

So, choose someone who will make you laugh uncontrollably while you’re sitting in the middle of the floor at 2 am finishing off a bottle of wine. Someone who will slow dance with you without any music. Someone who will make you smile when all you want to do is cry.

Choose someone who will give you their time instead of materialistic things. Someone who will show up when they say they will. Someone who will make you a priority.

Love the person who brags about you when you’re not around. The person who wants you to fulfill your dreams and stands by your side as you do so. Love the person who makes you feel safe while sending your heart on roller-coasters.

But above all, choose to love the person that makes you love yourself. Because there are difficult things in life, really hard and hurtful things that make living painful at times. But love should not be one of them. Love should guide you and hold you through those storms. Love should be your shelter.

So please, remember to never give your heart to someone who does not intend to keep it safe. Don’t settle for someone who cannot decide if you are what they want. Choose that person who will look at you and know, without hesitation, that they want to stay.