For You, When You Feel Like No One Is There


I want you to think of everything you were able to do despite the absence of everyone. Think of the times when you were left home alone, when you travelled alone, shopped alone, went to the coffee shop alone, or even cried alone. I want you to remember how brave you were during those times. How truly powerful you were when the typical people gape at your ability to walk this life without anybody sticking by your side.

It’s true. Life can be a little bit more difficult when no one is there. It can make you anxious, insecure, and indignant. It can make you question your existence and your worth. And sometimes, you just feign happiness to cover up loneliness. That’s all right. Let me tell you this: Feeling lonely is inevitable because it’s important.

All of us must go through such an experience. Every person must, even if only once, feel left behind, unheard, unseen, and uncared for. Why? Because It makes us unleash our capabilities. It motivates us to be resourceful and creative in building our own joy. It allows us to be true to ourselves once we get tired of pleasing people. It helps us discover the things we have been blessed with—the things we failed to appreciate. And most importantly, it helps us realize that we can feel complete without anybody else.

So right now, at this very moment where you’re inundated by sadness because you feel like no one is there, just allow your emotions to overflow until it no longer hurts. Until your very own soul decides to create its own joy—the joy that doesn’t depend on anything or anyone absent. You will soon wake up to the truth that this life is not just about friendship, love, or any intimate relationship. Life is actually more about braving the wilderness where the people whom you expect to accompany you will leave you. But you have to make it through without them, simply because you can.