Forgive Me For Not Falling In Love With You


Hey you, the unfortunate guy who stumbled upon a girl with a broken heart, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that when I kissed you, I thought of him. I’m sorry I wasted all my love and energy on another man months before I met you. I’m sorry I’m exhausted, battered, and torn. I’m sorry the memories between us are just that – memories.

Hey you, thank you. Thank you for taking me for coffee and buying me rum & coke (Malibu only, please). Thank you for carrying me to my dorm when I fell asleep in the taxi and for punching the man who was mugging me. Thank you for the late night kisses and the shy glances across dinner tables and for twirling me on the dance floor. Thank you for patiently prying my heart open and teaching me that love can exist again.

Hey you, forgive me. Forgive me for not falling in love with you. Forgive me for making you think I was, when I was really just falling in love with life again. Thank you for helping me do that – thank you for teaching me that I can love and be loved again and that this life that can be so cruel and unfair, can also be beautiful and full of joy. I am sorry these lessons came at the cost of your heart.

Hey you, you will get over me, I promise. You will fall in love with someone who will love you better than a girl too busy collecting the remnants of her broken heart.

Hey you, you will find happiness. And so will I.