Forgive Me For The Fact That I Can’t Unlove You


Forgive me, for feeling this way.

Forgive me for thinking I could fix everything and bring back what we once had.

Though brief and short, you made me happy.

Forgive me for trying so hard to understand you when all I should have done was love you.

Forgive me for taking up so much time in forgetting what you had done.

When I could have just simply let it go.

Forgive me for drowning in my own sadness and not being able to recognize that you were hurting, too.

Forgive me for not wanting to believe that what we had ended a long time ago.

I know I should have moved on already.

Believe me when I tell you that I actually want to.

But wanting something doesn’t mean the same thing as making it happen.

Forgive me for thinking that I could make you love me and feel the same way towards me, when I knew deep down in my heart that even if I loved you to bits, it still wouldn’t change the fact that some people just don’t fit.

A thousand times forgive me.

Forgive me for the fact that I can’t unlove you.

For now.

Forgive me for feeling this way.

Just for now.

Bear with me.

I’m getting there.