Forgiving Is The Most Self-Liberating Thing You Can Do


Forgive. Because only forgiveness will give you solace in the face of hurt, in the face of pain. Because forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

Forgive. Not because you loved them, but because you love yourself more. Because you owe it to yourself to cleanse your soul. To allow your heart to open itself to all the things you deserve in this world. To bathe your mind in peace, love, and possibilities.

Forgive. Because why should you keep holding a grudge? Why should you poison your body with something as destructive as hate?

Forgive. Because you owe it to yourself to find peace. You owe it to yourself to not hold on to anything that no longer serves you, to anything that perhaps never did serve you.

Forgive. Because there is nothing more soul soothing than freeing your heart from things that do you injustice. From things that make you ponder. From things that make your sweet mind and heart so heavy.

Forgive. Because you do not deserve the burden of resentment. A burden which can so easily deprive you of love. A love you deserve.

Forgive. Because you have courage. Because you are not afraid anymore. Because it is finally time to ignite a new fire within you. Because it is time to start living again. Because a whole new life awaits you.

Forgive. Because forgiving does not mean forgetting. It does not mean weakness. Because forgiveness does not belittle you. It does not make way for injustice. Rather, forgiveness releases you. Forgiveness makes a warrior out of you.

Please, just forgive. And above all else, forgive yourself. You did not know any better. Or maybe you did. But not with the level of self-awareness you have so proudly ignited within you since then. Not with the self-love you have so beautifully discovered for yourself.

Forgive. It is the most self-liberating thing you can do.