Fuck Happiness, It’s All About Love


It is not about happiness, it is about love. We all want to be loved. ALL of us. Each and everyone of us. From Putin to the Dalai Lama to Mother Theresa.

We think happiness is it. We think being married is it. Rich is it. Popular is it. Powerful is it. The it is in fact love. But you are wrong. We are wrong. Love is not found in any of these pursuits.

Love is in you. It is in your blood, your tears, your fingers, your toes, your breath. Love is in you.

Life’s labor should be accessing that love.

For when you begin filling your cup with it, you open your eyes and see that all life’s constructs, money, society, power are but a joke.

Then you shall laugh. Louder then you ever had. Louder than you can ever imagine.

Yes you are going to feel overwhelmed and frightened by the depth of the well you uncovered.

But first, you shall fill your own cup. And drink as much as you possibly could. Drink every day. Drink in the middle of the night when your throat is as dry as the Arabian desert. Drink till you are drunk on love.

You won’t get drunk on love. Because there is no abuse in love.

And once you are satiated, your life’s meaning will become simply that: watering the world with your love.

Love is not a feeling, love is not a word. Love is action.

Love is writing these words.

Love is the warm smile you give to a stranger whose carrying his broken heart on the train.

Love is not the dollar you give to the homeless old woman on the street of San Francisco, love is when you look the homeless woman in the eyes and you tell her that you care, and then give her a dollar.

Love is telling someone you liked them, when you know they don’t.

It is crying tears of sorrow and calling a friend.

It is realizing that you deserve to have emotions. Big, small, petty, intense, illogical, wild, irrational.

Love is laughing at life’s misconnections, forgiving yourself for a white lie or two. Love is falling and getting up together.

Love is realizing your humanity, your creativity, your brokenness.

There is no where to go. It is here. You are here.