Fuck Perfect, Be This Instead


Perfection. That unattainable goal people fixate on. A goal people strive for but can never truly achieve. Turn on your TV or open social media and you’ll be flooded with how “perfect” some people’s lives appear to be, from their appearance to their family life to their career.

You forget that what you’re seeing is actually a facade, some false narrative that someone has worked tirelessly to create. It’s time for the real moment of truth: perfection doesn’t exist. But if you really think about it, why would you even want it? Perfection is monotony, the same thing day in and day out. It’s knowing your exact moves and having things planned out to control the outcome. It’s flawlessness, being untouchable, almost saintlike. So fuck the idea of being perfect, because it’s boring.

Fuck perfect, be bold.

Speak your mind; own your truth. Stop suppressing your voice because you’re afraid of how your words will be received. You have the power to say what you feel and be firm in what you believe. Stop letting those who oppose your views or beliefs stifle your voice. They have their own voices, and you shouldn’t give them the power to take away yours. Those who try to elevate their own opinions by crushing down those of others are an entirely different level of fucked up. Leave them be, and just do you, bold and proud. Most importantly, be an advocate for yourself and those who cannot fight for themselves.

Fuck perfect, be flawed.

In order to grow, we have to make mistakes sometimes. We learn this at an early age, the first times we disobey our parents when we’re old enough to know better. We make the choice, experience the repercussions, and learn the lesson from our actions. When we decide to go down a certain road, we are taught why that road was or wasn’t the best idea. Simply strive for the goal of always being better than you were yesterday, because a better you is the only competition that matters.

Fuck perfect, be messy.

A life that is uniquely yours and beautifully messy is a life worth living. Instead of striving to have everything done in the correct or acceptable manner, do things in a manner that suits you. Do things in a way that makes you proud. Don’t pretend to have everything together all the time, because no one really buys that.

Life can be a shit show at times—embrace that and roll with it. The people who truly enjoy life are the people who look at conflicts that arise and tackle them with purpose and ease. They don’t overthink or go crazy trying to solve dilemmas because they understand that not everything is in their control.

Fuck perfect, be real.

Allow yourself to sometimes share your “inside voice.” Be inappropriate when appropriate and let your personality shine. Cry, laugh, love, get angry, grant yourself permission to feel all of your emotions. Accept the truth that you will never have a perfect life, because no one actually does. No one actually has a perfect family, home, or career, and you shouldn’t want that, because that’s not really living. Live for yourself, in your own way, and never hide who you are with the hopes of impressing others. Instead, share your vulnerabilities and try to be as transparent and honest as possible, showing the good as well as the bad.

Fuck perfect, be perfectly imperfect.

Embrace your flaws, your messiness, your voice. Own your choices and decisions and know that every step you make is a step towards your personal growth. It’s a step in becoming the best version of you. It’s a step in having a life of blissful balance. Be imperfectly perfect and simply be you in your lovely, messy, unique way.