Fuck Pretty—You’re So Much More Than That


Fuck pretty.

We need to quit telling girls and women they’re pretty.

We are so much more than that.

We’re magic. 

We are setting Olympic records, doing whatever calls us in our hearts, and challenging what it means to be a woman today. Because we know we can have and be more than just one thing.

We are loving daughters, we are kind mothers, and we are loyal wives. We are fierce bosses, we are soulful sisters, and we are thoughtful friends.

We are standing up and speaking out against anyone and anything that tries to keep us down. And we continue to raise our words, no matter who shows up to listen.

We may take pride in our appearances, but then we show up and we do just as good of a job as any man does while looking fabulous.

We give birth to tiny human beings, after carrying them and nourishing them for nine whole months.

We are making peace with ourselves, and the harming beliefs we’ve been taught about sex. We are asking for what we want in bed, and allowing ourselves to enjoy tidal waves of pleasure, without an ounce of guilt.

We are choosing to unite as a sisterhood today; sharing our stories, and supporting one another in times of need. They tried to divide us, but together we are now conquering.

We are making breakthrough scientific discoveries, and riding rockets into space. We are starting businesses, writing books that heal the world, and we are taking many seats at the table.

We are raising our kids to be an even better generation than our own, and we are holding down two or three jobs at the same time, just to keep the lights on.

We are paving the path for girls and women behind us to live in an equal world, where being born with a vagina doesn’t put you at a disadvantage.

We are calling bullshit on the media trying to dictate to us what is and is not attractive. We are roaming this earth with bare-naked faces. We are letting our messy manes of hair run wild and free. We are embracing the bodies we were gifted, and finally learning to love our beautiful selves.

We are starting to step into our imperfections and hug them tightly – because nobody is perfect, and no woman needs to bend or break herself to fit into a tiny little box to please others.

Let’s stop for a minute and celebrate how awesome we are as women. Because I don’t think we do that enough.

We’re so hard on ourselves. We judge, we criticise, and we focus on what we lack, instead of all that we are.

Sometimes, our self-worth gets tangled up in what they try and tell us is “good enough”, and we find ourselves falling short.

Step away from the label “pretty” today. Step into everything you really are.

You are smart.

You are kind-hearted.

You are loving.

You have a beautiful soul.

You are unique.

You are thoughtful.

You have an abundance to offer this world.

You are worthy.

You are a powerful woman, and a force to be reckoned with.

Fuck pretty.