Fuckboys Are Now Using AirDrop To Send Strangers Dick Pics, But Here’s How You Can Avoid It


So, to start off, I’m gonna be honest — I don’t even know how to use AirDrop. Like, I know it’s always been a thing, and I’ve always seen it there, but what’s the point of it? How do you use it?? Am I a real Millennial or just an elderly woman wearing a Millennial’s clothes???

Anyway, apparently there are truly some Millennials who understand AirDrop, and they’re using it for the worst reasons. According to the New York Post, the newest iPhone craze is AirDrop dick pics.

Yes, you read that right.


Apparently fuckboys have evolved from spamming all the women in their contacts and have instead decided to exercise their exibitionism with random women in the subway. That’s right — dudes are literally just looking for women who have their AirDrop set to “public” and sending over their dic picks because, I don’t know, they needed a fun, new way to sexually harass women on their way to work??

If you want to avoid this terrible trend (can we even call it that???), make sure to turn your AirDrop to “contacts only” instead of “everyone.” Because while you may receive some cool things from strangers every once in a while, you’re probably going to start receiving an influx of bad mirror selfies feat. a hard-on you never asked for.

Be careful out there, ladies. And men? Stop being fucking terrible.