Genocide In Isla Vista: A Woman’s Life Is Worth A Million Male Ones


Being the media-savvy and lushly pretty Boston girl that I am, I was among the first to hear about the tragic stuff that happened in Isla Vista, Cali (the most tolerant zone in the Kingdom of the United States). A short, privileged, ugly loser male, the director of the Hunger Games movies or whatever, went on a misogynistic shooting spree, killing 2 million women and 4 lowly males. (Media will tell you that only 2 women were killed but that is a gross underexagamaration, I will get to this later so be patient, asshole.)

Before this ceramic-faced male decided to exact his revenge upon strong independent women for not wanting to sleep with his short, 4ever-a-virgin, nothing-2-live-4, should-just-end-it, loserly self, he uploaded a video where he sits in his Nazi car on one golden ’fornian eve and explains why he decided to do it.

Like, when watching the video you get, like clear signals that the misogynistic society that we live in told Elliot Rodgers to do what he did, and that he acted out of pure hatred of women who dared to lead a feminist life. Some people (read: white men) are trying to say that this was just like a freak incident from a single male with a mental illness and delusions—but this is like soooo sexist, because it implies that not all men want to kill women who deny them sex—but they do—just look at Elliot.

The kid had visited a lot of Men’s Rights websites like’s Misc section, where there’s evidence that he was egged on to do the killing, especially by a user who’s actually PROUD to be SHORT, (LOL!?). It’s a bundle of clear that the MRA movement put him up to this because he visited their websites. Pokemon also seems responsible for putting homocidal thinkery in his brain, because he had been watching monstrous videos by Pokemons on the YouTube AKA The Tube. I KNEW those weirdo Asians were to blame. They almost always are. Anyway, bottom line is: MENTAL ILLNESS AND OSTRICH-CISM HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. FU. KING. GE. T. THA .T. U.SEX.IST. SCU.M

Expectedly non-unexpectedly Twitter blew up as a result of this typical male crime with the hashtag #YesAllWomen, where strong XX humans were allowed to voice the hard stuff about being a woman in today’s woman-killing society—a society where women are slaughtered like pigs every day. As I was scrolling through the Tolerant cascade of Gash-gush and Estrogen that is my Twitter feed, I came across a tweet that didn’t belong there AT ALL. It was written by a disgusting, maggot-looking man with a mushroom face, who was mansplaining about the hashtag, like saying that the fact that 4 men were killed and only 2 women meant that the hashtag was bad. FUCKING typical white male privilege “BOOHOO BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN” Rhett O’ Rick. Well guess what!? What happened among the palm trees in Isla “Windows” Vista was a GENOCIDE against WOMEN.

Why? you ask—putting down your Rape journals on the pages of which you’re planning your next rape in a dark park at night like the unibrow bomber probably did, for a moment to listen to me, Anne Gus , the voice of our generation. WELL, because a woman’s life is worth a MILLION male lives! Being for TRUE equality, this is something that is obvious to me. Men rape and do wars and shit and make all the bad things in the world happen, they have never contributed to anything in history. Therefore it’s without a Mrs. Doubtfire that that I can say that women are MORE equal than men—thusly, a male’s life is worth a millionth of a woman’s.

That’s that, there’s no debate, this tragedy is a tragedy for women, and women ONLY. Who the fuck cares about 4 male bodies when compared to an alabaster mountain of 2 million corpses of white party girls who were most likely fat-positive, trans-allies and not (that) afraid of women of color who use gratuitous hand movements.

What George Elliot did was worse than what Hitler did because at least Hitler had a stylish mustache and a sexy suit on when he was taking showers with Jewish women and killing them with his gas. Elliot will be known in history as the dick-tator who couldn’t help but cause trouble in Paradise for women. Fuck you Billy Elliot. Fuck you.

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