German Bro Sends The Sweetest Message To USA Soccer Fans


Last year when the groups for the 2014 World Cup were announced, team USA found itself in a particularly difficult group, termed the “Group of Death.” To advance, we need to best at least two of three formidable competitors: Germany, Ghana and Portugal, Germany in particular being a favorite to go all the way. Spirits are a bit higher now that we’ve beat Ghana, and this adorable German bro posted to Reddit to say that no matter what happens, at least USA fans have won his respect:

I’ve heard that Futbol is not a popular sports in America. Regardless, when your team plays a match, it gets 100% support as the representatives from it’s citizens. This is what I find really amazing and earns my respect. In German medias the German national Elf get’s flamed for being in not good condition, players get shouted at for various things. Many Portugese I know are enraged and hateful to their team, Spanish medias are panicking and being assholes. Not you Americans, you support your team so marvellous and as a German I have to say: wow, you people have good sportsmanship and are an amazing crowd.

Also: you will advance together with Germany, don’t put your heads into the sand. You have the chance to beat Portugal and also Germany, don’t give up yet.