Get Ready To Watch This Video Of ‘Breaking Bad’ As A Middle School Musical A Hundred Times



It’s a truth universally acknowledged that everything is made better when it’s performed as a Middle School musical. Like elementary schoolers doing Scarface, this reenactment of Breaking Bad from Geek Week is both kind of terrifying and hilarious right from the intro. The opening song uses the periodic table symbols to spell out “cancer,” and it just gets better from there. Everything is on point — from singing meth (aka “blue rock candy”) to Skyler White’s flawless fake wig and Middle School Jesse Pinkman, who is the clear MVP of the production.

Check out this exchange between Middle School Jesse and Walter:

MSW: “Wanna take my life savings and buy an RV and make candy in the desert?”

MSJ: “Sounds like an awesome decision.”

There are a million things to love about this video, which I’ve just been watching on repeat since I found it. I don’t want to give too much away, so you can just watch it yourself above. Warning though: Preteen Gus may haunt you in your dreams forever — or just make you weirdly hungry. Let’s get some chicken, yo!

Next up: I want to see them do Requiem for a Dream. Internet, leave any of your requests in the comment section below.

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