Getting Rid Of Friends You Actually Don’t Like



AUDREY is typing on an Ultrabook and eating lunch alone when all of a sudden SAMANTHA comes barreling in through the entrance.

SAMANTHA: Oh my god, Audrey? Get out! No!

Audrey looks up and her face falls. It’s clear Samantha is the last person she wants to see right now.

AUDREY: (feigning excitement) Oh, hey babe. What are you doing here?

SAMANTHA: I come here to write my memoirs.

Samantha shoves herself down at Audrey’s table and starts to set up shop.

AUDREY: Your memoirs?

SAMANTHA: Yeah. It’s called I Am Me And Everyone Else Sucks. I’ve already written like ten pages.

AUDREY: That’s great.

SAMANTHA: So where have you been? I’ve tried calling you to hang out but I’ve gotten no response. I’m not mad or anything. I totally get you being busy. I was just wondering if you, like, died or something.

AUDREY: (unconvincingly) No, I’ve just been really swamped. I’m sorry.

Samantha looks at Audrey’s Ultrabook.

SAMANTHA: Wait, you have the Ultrabook too? Twinsies!

Samantha whips out her Ultrabook, which is bedazzled in Hello Kitty stickers.

AUDREY: Cool. Anyway, yeah, I’ve just been busy. So sorry.

SAMANTHA: Doing what? I thought you were unemployed.

AUDREY: I am but being unemployed is like its own full-time job, you know?

SAMANTHA: (suspicious) I guess….

AUDREY: Anyway, enough about me. How are YOU?

SAMANTHA: Well, as you may have already found out on Facebook, Joe and I broke up so that’s been ultra devastating for me.

AUDREY: Weren’t you guys only together for three weeks?

SAMANTHA: Actually, it was a month and a half. Yeah. You know, you can’t place too much of an emphasis on time. Some of my most intense and meaningful relationships have only lasted a few weeks.

AUDREY: Right.

SAMANTHA: So I’ve just been doing a lot of healing lately. I feel like I’m a snake shedding its skin. I’m just ready for my new layer, my rebirth. I already feel like I’m getting to be in a good place again.

AUDREY: (lying through her teeth) I’m so happy for you.

SAMANTHA: Thank you. That means so much coming from you. So yeah, looking back on the last month, I can see now that Joe was really toxic for me. Like sometimes, I would text him to ask what he was up to and he would take 30 minutes to respond. Can you believe that? So negative and hurtful.

AUDREY: (sarcastically) That sounds abusive.

SAMANTHA: It was! He left me with a lot of emotional scars. I didn’t even realize it until he was gone and then I was like, “Wait, I’m really beat up. Someone give me a Band-Aid, okay?” (focusing in on Audrey) So what about you? Are you still single?

AUDREY: Actually, I’ve started dating this really great guy…

Samantha plugs her ears.

AUDREY: (CONT) What are you doing?

SAMANTHA: No offense to you. It’s just painful when I hear that my friends are doing well.


SAMANTHA: You know what? Forget about it. Can we just hang out? I freaking love you, girlie.

Audrey cracks. A resolve comes over her and she decides to be brutally honest.



AUDREY: No. I can’t do this anymore. Samantha, it’s time for me to be honest. I hate your guts.


AUDREY: I really do. We were friends for like two months of my freshman year because I didn’t know anyone else and you’ve haunted me ever since. You’re resilient, you can never take a hint, so now I have no choice but to be real with you. I don’t want to be your friend.

SAMANTHA: You can’t say that!

AUDREY: I know, I’m breaking like 5,000 social codes right now but I don’t care. You’re a narcissistic person. A bad friend. And I would rather eat glass than have a “catch up lunch” with you and pretend that we’re friends.

Samantha is speechless.

Audrey sighs.

AUDREY: (CONT.) Gosh, I just feel so much better. Like a snake shedding its skin.

Satisfied, Audrey gets up from the table and leaves.

SAMANTHA: (calls out after her): You forgot your Ultrabook! (whispers) It’s mine now…


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