Gigi Gorgeous Can Be Whoever She Wants To Be — And So Can You.


So, this video of Gigi Gorgeous came out a few weeks ago of her coming out. She’s a beauty guru with a bit of spunk.

I don’t frequently watch her videos, but I have seen a couple. My issue here is: The reaction she got when she came out to her subscribers as lesbian. Although most of her fans supported her, she still received quite a bit of negative feedback regarding her video. People are saying things like:

“Oh, she’s not a REAL woman because of [insert biological references].”

“She’s obviously not a woman because she’s not even a woman.”

“She’s confused. She doesn’t know what she wants.”

“Why not just go back to being a ‘man’ because you’re basically…straight now, right?”

Additionally, people were using incorrect pronouns when referencing her to be purposely offensive.

This is ridiculous.

First of all: She IS a woman. If she says she’s a woman, she’s a woman. So what if she discovers later in her life that she’s a lesbian? It has nothing to do with you. It’s a personal thing. People come out on THEIR terms, whether they’re aware of their sexuality at the time or not. People fail to understand that you can’t tell people who or what they are—only they can! Sexuality and gender are so complex. Even with scientific “evidence,” you can’t tell someone who/what they are.

Secondly, just stop. Stop telling people who they can or can’t be. As stated previously, it has nothing to do with you. If you don’t support her, you can always. . .choose not to watch her videos? (you know, instead of leaving your hateful comments on the daily)

I understand that the YT comment section tends to be pretty nasty and toxic, but this is something that needs to be addressed.