GIRLS Against Humanity: A Party Game For People Who Love The Show ‘GIRLS’


A black card (in bold) is played.

The white card with the funniest GIRLS quote is chosen.

The losing players make a “sexit,” naked.

1. I used up all my sick days so I called in ___________.
Getting a freelance article on using cocaine for the first time.

2. ___________: I’m lovin’ it.
Sitting in an apartment wondering if there’s asbestos.

3. Maybe Hannah’s born with it; maybe it’s ___________.
Being a late walker.

4. ___________. All adventurous women do.
Booth Jonathan.

5. Keep ___________ And Carry On.
Missing your hymen.

6. Congratulations, you did what you set out to do: ___________.
Using your chest as a tray.

7. ___________. Best party ever.
Drinking expired Mylanta.

8. That wasn’t sex. That was ___________.
Your boyfriend doing lights for Carly Rae Jepsen.

9. ___________. Because you’re worth it.
Peeing in every bath tub you ever get in.

10. One girl’s trash is another girl’s ___________.
Being the sexiest non-sexual couple this club’s ever seen.

11. When I look at ___________, a Coldplay song plays in my heart.
The stuff that gets up around the sides of condoms.

12. ___________. Please don’t do that. That feels awful.
Going on a day-date.

13. How I broke through the glass ceiling: ___________.

14. ___________. Betcha can’t have just one!
A quirky web presence.

15. ___________. It’s everywhere you want it to be.
The girl who got her period at a Dairy Queen.

16. My third-worst scenario: ___________.
Bruising more easily than others.

17. ___________: a real power move if there ever was one.
An unfinished haiku.

18. Money can’t buy me love, but it can buy me ___________.
Having no less than four hang-nights a week.

19. A rare, but useful Girl Scouts badge: ___________.
When someone has a plate in their head and you can tell.

20. ___________ is a slippery slope that leads to ___________.
Walking to the far-away Rite Aid for a Cipro prescription.
Vagina back-and-forth forever.

21. Why are Hannah and Marnie in the bath?

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