Girls With Soft Hearts Take Longer To Get Over Breakups


Girls with soft hearts take longer to get over breakups because they were invested in the relationship. They grew attached to the other person. They pictured a future with this other person.

Since they are fighters, they never saw the breakup coming. Even though they were having issues with their person, they never thought the relationship would end because they were willing to make things work. They were going to put in the effort. They were going to try.

They had no intention of giving up on the relationship, because they were happy. They felt like they belonged there.

Girls with soft hearts have so much trouble getting over breakups because they are confused about how to get closure. They aren’t sure where to turn. They aren’t sure how to mend their heart back together after it was torn apart so unexpectedly.

They get attached easily and then they have difficulty letting go. They want to see if there’s any way to salvage the relationship. They don’t give up on their person, even after that person is long gone. They keep telling themselves there is a chance to get back together. There is a chance it will work out in the end.

It can take months for girls with soft hearts to heal from past relationships. It could even take years. There is no time limit on their hurt.

They will think they are making progress and then something small, a song or a show or a scent, will remind them of the person they lost. It will make them miserable all over again. It will take them back to square one.

Meanwhile, the boys who left them broken have been fine since the start. They never shed any tears over the failed relationship. They never went through the five stages of grief. They never felt any disappointment or distress or guilt.

The ones who get over breakups quickly are the ones who never cared at all. The ones who were already halfway gone while the relationship was still technically intact.

These people jump straight into a new relationship days after the old one ends because they don’t have to wait for closure. They don’t have to find inner peace. They are already fine. They have been fine the entire time because the relationship didn’t mean as much to them. Their heart is not shattered. It has remained whole.

While those toxic people are already moving onto their next conquest, the girls with soft hearts are still crying their eyes out. They are wasting their time worrying about someone who has long forgotten about them.

Girls with soft hearts take longer to get over breakups because soft hearts are fragile hearts — but in the end, these girls come out stronger. They know how to deal with heartbreak. They know how to handle disappointment. They know how to pick themselves up again after being brutally torn apart and they know how to love again in the future even though it’s scary.