Give Yourself Permission To Want More For Yourself


Give your permission to be kind to yourself for the years of mistakes you have made. You are living and learning. You would have forgiven a friend, so why are you so harsh on yourself? The ability to forgive yourself will put you on the path to be kind to others.

You may have struggled, and you may have fought, and the unkindness of the world may have changed your outlook on life. You may only know to react compulsively and may have forgotten the value to act consciously. Don’t let the cruelty of one person change your outlook of the world.

Give yourself permission to have the confidence in yourself to pursue what you want in life. You are never not enough to aim for the stars. You owe it to yourself to strive for the best. You deserve the best that this life has to offer.

You may have skills that deserve much praise and talents that many people crave. You may be well aware that those qualities will fare you well in life. Use those skills to achieve more in life than hold you back from true enlightenment.

Give yourself permission to be humble but always remember your worth and never jump at the opportunity to blow your own horn. Wait for the day when you are able to balance the three with grace, because that will be a beautiful day to remember the value of life.

You may have been overlooked and misunderstood at times. You may have had the moments when you could have argued your point to prove you are right. But you always knew that real strength lies in actions speaking for yourself and not proving who is louder.

Give yourself permission to want more for yourself. Give yourself permission to want more love, because you deserve it. Give yourself permission to find more kindness, because that is the true way of the world.

Over the years, there have been hurdles and there have been nonbelievers. You never let them stop you from getting closer to your calling. All these years, there will be people who will try to drag you down, but have faith, because you deserve the best of all good things in life.

You have this one life, and every choice you make will take you closer to happiness. You know you deserve the absolute best, so give yourself permission to move forward towards your goal without feeling the guilt that the world has instilled in you.

Don’t let anyone make you feel like you deserve less and trust me when I say there will be many who will say so. Give yourself permission to want more for yourself, because you know you deserve it more than anything in the world.

Give yourself permission to want more love for yourself as you continue to give love to others.

Give yourself permission to want more happiness as you spread it all around you as you make your way through life.

Give yourself permission to have more patience so you are able to look past those who find joy in bringing you down. You know ignoring their presence is not a sign of weakness, but your true strength.

Never let anyone tell you when is enough or when is too much, because you know yourself better than anyone else. You are the only one who gets to decide how much of everything you want in your life.

Obstacles and naysayers are only nature’s way of encouraging you more by reminding you that you need to stay strong and that you need to keep going.

Give yourself permission to want more for yourself, because once you do that, there is nothing in the world that can stop a force as strong as you.

Give yourself permission to always want more for yourself.