Go Somewhere That Inspires You


Go somewhere that reminds you of your biggest dreams, the ones that brightened your young eyes, filled your heart to the brim with passion and excitement. Remember those dreams? The ones that you kept tucked away from the world while you were trying to be what others wanted you to be? Oh, how the world seemed like such a grand place where you could do anything! Pick up the paintbrush, the guitar, the pen and notebook, and go to a place that makes you forget how old you are because it brings all the color and life back into your soul.

Go to a place where the language sounds like honey, smooth and sweet, and let it drip from your lips, as you lean in for a kiss from your lover in the middle of the street. Let everyone see the kind of love that makes you feel like a teenager again. The kind of love that makes time stop, where all wounds are healed from one touch, where there is no past nor future, only the embrace of the present, your heart ascending into the soul of the world. Run away to that place, baby. Together, you can do anything. Let love lead the way.

Go to a place where people take their time — where you taste velvet with every sip of your cappuccino that you drink from a little ceramic mug at a café on the side of the road as you watch people pass by, wondering what their story is. A moment in time when you stop and think about what your story is, realizing this is a snapshot of yours. Go to a place where an afternoon is spent at the park, sitting underneath a perched little tree, with a book and no phone, a place where there is space in the air filled only by the birds, a place where people walk, not run, because every moment is beautiful, so why rush your life? We’re told worthiness comes from how productively you fill up minute-by-minute slots in your calendar, yet we rarely hear about how our hearts fill up when we watch the joy in a new dad’s eyes as he plays with his daughter on the grass nearby, his whole world in his hands. Free up your schedule, you have nowhere to be. The only time is now.

Go to a place where you can hear music around every corner, live music played passionately by artists wearing their heart on their sleeves, the hours of patient practice streaming into their calloused fingertips. Let yourself feel that music in your bones. Let yourself fall in love with the rhythm of hope and maybe dance along the way, inspiring others with your freedom, showing them how you broke free of the chains that once held you. Go to a place where the walls are painted with visions of paradise, masterpieces of creativity; somewhere where people draw and color and pierce their bodies because what is life without art, without expression of your place in this world? Go somewhere filled with play and the sounds of laughter, groups of friends who love each other, despite how different they might seem, because the hearts connect us all. Find the courage to say hello and learn something new, knowing that all of you is welcomed.

Go somewhere that inspires you. Somewhere your senses are heightened, where food tastes better because it’s more than just fuel, somewhere there is history in the cobblestone steps that lead you to a place in time where those who came before you left their mark for a better future, left something for you. Go somewhere the sunrise of a new day fills you with hope, because who knows what could happen next? Let yourself be open to the possibilities that lie in uncertainty and adventure. Follow where it takes you, with no end goal, and document every moment along the way. I promise you will find beauty in this journey.