Go To School. Go To College. Get A Job. Raise Your Kids. Send Your Kids To School.


There is within us all a primal desire to get away. To cast aside our past, our failures, our regrets, and fly away to a new life.

Unrealistic? Yeah. A little. Possible? Of course.

Why do you think we lust after TV shows that depict one man alone in the wilderness, struggling to survive? Why do we devour movies where characters embark on a road trip to a location they haven’t even decided on yet?

Because, deep down, we want to leave. We want to move to a cabin in the woods or by a lake. We want to live with our significant other and spend our days fishing, sailing, making an honest living, doing an honest day’s work.

Imagine if, instead of waking up early to a blaring alarm clock to go to work just to clock in and make some meaningless amount of money, you could wake up to the sun peering over the horizon. Casting a few rays of sunlight through the bedroom blinds and over the sheets, where your love lay next to you. You would get out of bed and wake your significant other up to the smell of breakfast cooking. Go catch lunch out on the lake and spend the afternoon strumming at your guitar or reading a book.

We all have a desire for this. We all want to live that way. Even if just for a moment, in between the homework and the real work and the meetings and the social events and the parties and the relationships and the networking and the traffic and the radio commercials and the TV commercials that are all so long and the gossip that you try to avoid but can’t and the bad news and the normal news because everything is bad news nowadays and the social networks and the craziness that just doesn’t seem to stop no matter what no matter how hard you try no matter how much you just want to sit down to relax. It doesn’t stop.

And, if just for a moment, you want to get away, you have felt this primal desire.

It’s funny when you think about the system in which we all grow up. You go to school so you can go to college. You go to college to get a good job. You get a good job so you can raise a family and give them the life they deserve. You raise a family so they can go on to participate in this same messed up cycle.

Now imagine this instead. You live so that you love. You love so that you can find someone to keep you company late at night. To wake up to the smell of you cooking breakfast. You find someone so you can raise a family together. And you raise a family so that you can teach them to love too.

And then maybe, just maybe, you won’t need to get away. Maybe you will find that you are already living the way you want to live. And that primal desire to get away will be unnecessary because you are already where you belong. If you love and live a life of love, you may just find yourself in the place others want to get away to.