God Gives You Hardships To Push You To Become Who You Need To Be


There’s one thing I know for sure: You’ll cycle in and out of obstacles as life goes on, because hardships are inevitable. But what’s optional is suffering. How you perceive your situation, handle it, and move on is a choice.

And I know it’s difficult to think positive when you’re stuck in the middle of a mess. I know it hurts and that you break in the midst of it all. But please train your mind to find a pinch of optimism in every difficult situation and hold on to it tightly until you fight your way out of the dark. You’ll look back a year, a month, or weeks from when your hardship took place and you’ll be very grateful for why things played out the way they did.

Remember, every hardship you’ve gone through has taught you countless lessons.

Your hardships taught you how to love and how not to love.

Your hardships taught you who to trust and who not to trust.

Your hardships taught you what direction to move forward in and what direction to never look back in.

Your hardships gave you the courage to change your frail no’s to firm no’s.

Your hardships taught you the importance of loving yourself before longing for it.

Not only did you grow out of every situation, but you grew as a result of them. And your falling and rising won’t stop here—the cycle will continue because only God knows your potential, and he’ll push you until you reach that potential.

He’ll push you until you stop questioning why some doors aren’t easy for you to walk through.

He’ll push you until you learn to trust his plan with confidence.

He’ll push you until you learn to look at the brighter side of things in the most burdensome moments.

He’ll push you until you find an abundance of strength and courage within yourself.

He’ll push you until you have faith in every fragment of your body.

He’ll push you until you become a warrior in this world.

He’ll push you until you are someday able to give hope to someone who was as hopeless as you once were.