Going Back To The Start Is Tougher Than I Thought


Driving through a blanket of snow,
just like the dreams we lost to the sun’s glow,
I heard you humming in the silence of the early morning,
The sun was hesitating to rise on the horizon,
And we kept moving, we kept breathing,
Until everything we ever touched disappeared in the air we exhaled,

Everything we are, and everything we could never be, doesn’t matter,
it doesn’t matter all that much,
Let the anger go now, my dear,
I will still love every atom in your body,
Even you hurt me with your stares sometimes,

But that’s alright, once we start kissing,
everything is forgotten in the blink of an eye,
Look at the trees passing us by, t
hey are blowing kisses as they bid us farewell or hello, I don’t know,
But everything about the world
makes me a lot sadder somehow right now,

I look over to see your drawn face,
the sun is high up in the sky,
When will this road end?
Will we still stay together when we reach the end of our lives?

I want to live in the moment with you,
breathe in the evening air lit by the setting sun,
and listen to an unknown artist’s song on the radio,
and I can feel your subtle stares on my face,
I can see them all from the side-mirror on my side,

But I’m afraid, if I face you now, I will start crying,
And you’ll stop the car and we’ll be forced to talk,
or just breathe in the silence,
And then we’ll forget about it,
and we’ll pretend to forget and continue our journey,
The ocean is not that far away, my dear,
We are returning to where we once first met,

I saw you reading my favourite book under the shadow of a big palm tree,
And I almost passed you by,
but the wind blew and I felt like I was suddenly kissed
by the palm tree you were sitting underneath.
I tell you this in a quiet voice, and you keep going letting the silence answer,
We were never much for talking, I’m glad the road is about to end.
And I’m even more glad that we made it together,
I am so glad that I have you by my side,
We made it back to where it all started.