Good Crying Vs. Bad Crying: A Photo Guide


1. Laughing So Hard That You Cry

Abs in pain, bladder on the brink of bursting, and tears coming out of your eyes. Enter those symptoms into WebMD and they’ll tell you it’s terminal illness, but in reality you’re  just experiencing the absolute best type of crying. Rating: 10/10

2. Crying So Hard That You Laugh

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series Box Set [Blu-ray].

For a person to go from deep sadness to terrifying delirium is worrisome. This clearly means some type of emotional threshold has been exceeded and stability is non-existent. Rating: Maybe call 9-1-1/10

3. The Classic Pursuit Of Happyness Cry + Clap

This only comes out when a massive emotional weight has been lifted off one’s shoulders. It’s equal parts relieved and ecstatic, reserved for moments you’ve been waiting for. You’re agonizingly hungry and the pizza man arrives? PoH Cry + Clap. You’re in a long line at the store and a cashier comes over and invites you to their register? PoH Cry + Clap. Your show returns from a lengthy commercial break? PoH Cry + Clap. Rating: 10/10 

4. Crying While Driving

There are two kinds of drive cries. There’s putting on a sad playlist and feeling emotions as you go on a drive of self-reflection, and there’s I couldn’t make it home before my breakdown, so I’m hysterically crying in my vehicle. Whichever it is, neither of ‘em happens when you’re in a great space, but both are slightly cathartic. Rating: 5mph/10

5. I’m So Proud Of You Crying

This is very mother-at-graduation-y, which is all mushy and sentimental, but it can also be for something as simple as you beer pong partner hitting a clutch redemption shot. Rating: 10/10

6. Crying While On The Floor

If the emotions you felt were so intense that your body literally crumpled to the surface of wherever you were standing, that indicates the tears being shed aren’t particularly positive ones – especially if you’re in the fetal position. Rating: 1/10

7. Emoji Crying

Sad or angry emojis aren’t ever used when someone is actually sad or angry. Nobody who is furious with you uses a red face to express it. Same with sad emojis, which are given in response to things like cancelled plans, or a friend telling the story of a crappy thing that happened to them. Rating: 2/10

8. This Moment Is So Beautiful Crying

When you’re seeing a particular sight or experiencing something firsthand and you feel so grateful and overcome with joy that it moves you to tears, that’s pretty special. Whether you’re on a balcony overlooking beautiful city lights, or in the midst of living out one of your dreams, soaking in whatever is in front of you, it’s all pretty meaningful and/or astonishing. Rating: 10/10

9. Disappointed Kid Crying

Nobody wants to see sad children. This is all of the bad, none of the good. Rating: -476/10

10. Kim Kardashian Crying

If there’s a category for elite crying, this is certainly a top candidate. While typically there’s no joy to be found in somebody else’s pain, that’s not the case here. For the most part Kim is upset about non-life threatening, petty junk, so don’t feel bad for laughing at Kim’s glorious cry face. Rating: 10VE IT!/10 

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