‘Goodbye Mama’ And 15 Other Chilling Text Messages Sent Or Received Right Before Someone Died



“It’s heading right for me…Goodbye Mama”

These were the two final messages sent by Arkansas teen Jeffrey Hunter to his mother in April 2015 as a tornado was approaching and eventually killed him.


“Enjoy your life without us now…He’s dead…And soon I will be too”

Tony Moreno sent these three final texts to his ex Adrianne Oyola before Moreno threw their seven-month-old son Aaden off a bridge and into the Connecticut River in July 2015. Moreno then jumped in the water himself. He survived and was charged with murder.


“OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped”

Fourteen-year-old Michigan girl April Millsap sent this text to her boyfriend while walking along a trail with her dog one night in July 2014. A few hours later, her corpse was found in a drainage ditch. Her dog was found guarding her body.


“I’m in a plane out of control and it’s going down.”

This was the last message ever pecked out by multi-millionaire Muhammad Naviede in August 2014. Naviede claimed to have received multiple death threats in the weeks prior to that fateful day when his Piper Tomahawk plane crashed in a field, killing him.


“Please make it quick”

This was the last of several panicked text messages sent from a Filipina named Louise Amantillo while she was pinned beneath rubble after a 2011 New Zealand earthquake. Other messages included, “Mommy, I got buried” and “Mommy, I can’t move my right hand.” Her body was never recovered.


“Third time lucky”

Twenty-two-year old model Jasmine Mitchell of London had failed in two prior suicide attempts. She sent that final text to her boyfriend before fatally hanging herself in May.


“I think I am going to die.. I’m so scared”

A 21-year-old bulimic Welsh student named Eloise Parry sent that text to her college lecturer this past July after she’d downed at least eight diet pills containing a toxic pesticide. She died of an overdose.


“Okay. You can do this.”

Over the course of at least a week during the summer of 2014, seventeen-year-old Michelle Carter of Massachusetts continually urged her friend Conrad Henri Roy III to kill himself via carbon-monoxide poisoning. Other texts she sent to Roy included “Everyone will be sad for a while but they will get over it and move on” and “You just need to do it, Conrad…No more pushing it off. No more waiting.” After her final message on July 12, Roy killed himself in his truck via carbon-monoxide poisoning. Carter was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter.


“Yeah I just seriously don’t know what to do about him. You know how he is. I care about him but I’m so sick of the fighting and him telling me what I can and can’t do.…I’m devastated…I need my BFF baby love.”

This is the final text Bobbi Kristina Brown sent to her female “BFF” before she was found floating in a bathtub in January 2015. The “he” in question was her boyfriend Nick Gordon. Bobbi died in July 2015 at age 22.


“I needed to do this tho … I wasn’t happy. And I need my crew with me too. I’m sorry. I love you.”

Fifteen-year-old Jaylen Fryberg texted this final message to his family members on October 24, 2014 before shooting four high-school classmates to death and killing himself.



When Marine Corporal Squire “Skip” Wells texted this to his girlfriend in July, she thought he was just being “weird.” But after he failed to respond to repeated messages, she learned to her horror that he was one of four Marines gunned down in Chattanooga during what was suspected to have been a jihadist attack by gunman Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez.


“Mom, if I make it home, I need you. I’m scared”

This is the last message Tiffany Keppner of Warren, OH received from her daughter Alesha Bell on the morning of July 25 this year. Less than a month later, Bell’s bones were found in a backyard fire pit around 40 miles from where she lived.


“I Love U Guys”

John Michael Keyes of Colorado had never sent a text message before the day in October 2006 when he messaged his 16-year-old daughter Emily “R u Ok?” while she was trapped inside her high school during a hostage situation. Emily texted back before the gunman shot her to death and then killed himself.


“The boys are dead and so am I”

In November 2014, Rob Deane of Nevada texted his estranged wife that message before killing himself and their two sons with shots to the head from a silver revolver.



This was the last of several highly unsettling text messages sent from Rhode Islander Michael Patino in 2009 to his girlfriend Trisha Oliver. The messages involved the fact that Patino had beaten Oliver’s six-year-old son Marco so brutally that he eventually died. Other messages included “I PUNCH DAT LIL BITCH 3 TIMES AND DAT WAS IT. DA HARDEST 1 WAS ON HIS STOMACH CUZ HE MOVED BUT LET HIM BE A MAN NOT A BITCH LIKE YOU” and ” I HIT HIM DA SAME WAY EVERY1 BUT ITS DAT HE MOVED AND I HIT HIM BAD.”


“OK we’re ready”

This message was recovered from a throwaway phone found outside the Bataclan music venue in Paris that was the focal point of November 2015’s terror attacks that killed at least 130. A counter-terrorism official suspects the phone belonged to one of the assailants.