Goodbye September, Hello October


Goodbye September, to the bearer of bad news. I’ve never felt so bleak, always fixated on the things I’m doing wrong. I’ve never felt so isolated from positivity and removed from the glowing happiness around me. I’m done letting my trials and tribulations weigh me down. This month I’ve fallen to defeat and let my failure overcome my greatness. I have been shot down and chained to the ground in which I stand, imprisoned from moving on in life and reaching the potential that deep down I know I procure.

Hello October, I pray that you are good to me. It’s time that I push forward and fight for my passions and what I love. This month I will pursue my greatness and have my inner light shine brighter than the stars in the sky. I may be knocked down but I will not be knocked out; I will persevere through all and refuse to let the world change my smile. This October will be the time I set my gears in overdrive and I find happiness in running after my dreams and find fulfillment in accomplishing them.

Goodbye September, I’m tired of not feeling like I’m enough, of the sleepless nights and trying to make things work. I’m tired of loving so deeply yet feeling like I’m being left with nothing in return. Relationships and friendships are never simple and they always come with complications but I refuse to let the toxicity drain me. I’ve learned this September that some people will never give you the love you deserve and sometimes its okay to walk away.

Hello October, I promise to be good to myself. This month will be filled with nothing but positive affirmations and self-love because I’ve realized I cannot rely on receiving love from anyone else. This October I will be good to myself because I know my worth and what I deserve. I will make time to relax my mind and clear negativity from my heart. October will be the month of manifesting a new love, a love for myself.

Goodbye September, I’ve worried about October for too long. I became stressed and focused on my future and the unknown; it has shaken me to my core. I’ve forgotten the beauty and the art of what it means to live and to thrive. As the sun flew below the horizon my eyes would linger to the morning rays, I ignored the sky aflame on its beautiful blood orange canvas, too worried for the next day to appear after dawn. This month, life was a maze; it was an escape room and I ran out of time to find the exit. Anxiety made its appearance and I closed the door I was meant to open out of fear. I became fearful of the decisions I were to make and became concerned if I was wise enough to even make them.

Hello October, I’ve been expecting you. But this month I will not sit and grow weary; I will not be afraid of what’s to come. I will embrace life with open arms; life is a room full of open doors and instead of opening each one and peeking in I will have faith that the one I walkthrough will be the one for me. October I ask that you teach me patience in my times of struggle, to live in the moment and witness my losses as blessings. I yearn for nothing but growth in my heart and tranquility in my mind.

October, I know you will be good to me because this month I know I will be good to myself. This month will be a roller coaster filled with nothing less than excitement, blessings, and optimism. I will be okay though the twists and the turns; I will be content with the ups and the downs. This time I will open my eyes and see the world clearly without fear; This time I will enjoy the view.

Hello October, I see now that you’re finally here. I can promise you I’ve never been more ready.