Goodnight Moon For Adults


In a small white room
Was a sleepy man
And the poster of…
Every member of the Wu Tang Clan

And some shards of glass from where a picture frame smashed
And bank statements I’m too paranoid to throw in the trash

An electric toothbrush and a can of Orange Crush
And an empty bowl and a sock with a hole

And a charging iPhone downloading Watch the Throne
And the sound of my neighbors blasting reggaeton

And a heap of laundry that needs to be cleaned
And Breaking Bad on Netflix on my laptop screen

And an overflowing closet without a door
And my ex-girlfriend’s shoes on the closet floor

And my Facebook timeline and my Twitter feed
And a shelf full of books that I’ll never read

A Red Sox hat, a basketball that’s flat
An external hard drive, and a stray receipt or five

Goodnight room. Goodnight moon.
Goodnight bowl and goodnight spoon.

Goodnight Rza and Dirt McGirt.
Goodnight all my pants and shirts.

Goodnight laptop. Goodnight meth.
Goodnight Cormac McCarthy and Zadie Smith.

Goodnight soda can. Goodnight receipts.
Goodnight Jay-Z’s rhymes. Goodnight Kanye’s beats.

Goodnight glass. Goodnight hat.
Goodnight wedge heel sandals I need to give back.

Goodnight iPhone’s gentle glow.
Goodnight Facebook friends I don’t even know.

Goodnight laundry growing stank.
Goodnight envelopes from Citizens Bank.

Goodnight hard drive full of mp3s.
Goodnight basketball that won’t bounce to my knees.

Goodnight Twitter. Goodnight Sonicare.
Goodnight reggaeton everywhere.