Grant Me Our Love’s Dying Wish; Let Me Have The Last Few Words


We started with words.
It was something you said that stirred the slumbering beast of love within me.
It was the late night conversations.
It was compacting all that we were feeling into words that made us.
It was the words we thought and the words we said that brought us closer.
Words like I and you and love.

The little incomprehensible things we muttered in our sleep as we lay next to each other.
The futures we painted with our whispers as we stared at the ceiling.
Little trivial things we said to make each other smile.
Promises we made in between silent moments.

All of them words.
Such little things they are.
We infuse so much into those little groups of characters.
We put too much on the lines.

And maybe that was what happened to us;
We put too much of our feelings into those little words,then put too many words on the lines.
It became a blur towards the end; the words themselves started to change. The words became longer, spoken faster, resonating louder.
New words emerged; words we had never used.
Words like hate and go and away.

Those beautiful lips that knew mine so well easily formed such ugly words.
Cruel words that stabbed at the fragile shell beneath which our love sheltered.
It was your expressionless face that undid our love in its final moments; that inability to utter the things it most wanted to hear.

After all that was said I wanted to have the last words.
And I wanted them to be that I love you.