27 Unbelievably Disgusting Foods College Kids Created (And Ate) When They Were Desperate


When you’re in college, you might end up so broke, drunk, high, sad, stressed, or lazy that you’ll eat anything put in front of you. Sometimes, though, the power to control what you shove in our mouth as you cram for finals is in your own hands. Here are 27 people’s stories of the extremely gross food combinations they created when they were desperate — warning: some of these are (unfortunately) unforgettable. Bon apetit!

1. I once mixed mayo, ketchup and rice and ate it for lunch when I had nothing in the pantry. I threw up after.

– Danny, 23

2. Mushrooms and onions. It was like ten degrees out and had spent too much money the night before. I did cook them in butter.

– Zach, 26

3. One time, I cooked pasta and when I opened the jar of sauce, it had mold on the lid and as a layer of film on the top of the sauce. I ignored all of that and ate it regardless. Felt a little ill. To be honest, I’ve eaten a lot of shit that has mold on it. Feel like mold is a suggestion.

– Leslie, 23

4. Rice and maple syrup. I don’t know what I was expecting, to be honest.

– George, 26

5. Once in college, I woke up at like 5am so hungover and PARCHED like I’ve never been before and all I had in my fridge was milk. Mind you, I went to college in DC where the tap water is apparently 80% chlorine. So I started chugging the milk and realized only after that it was sour.

– Molly, 24

6. I had no milk so I put orange juice in my cereal. Never doing that again.

– Jamal, 27

7. I guess this isn’t *technically* food, but when I was in college, I was so desperate to drink someone’s vodka I found in their kitchen that, instead of being totally NOT classy and drinking it straight, I squirted that fake lemon juice that comes in a bottle the shape of a lemon into my mouth, held it there and then drank the vodka and sort of swirled it around. I wish this story had a happy ending and that it was the most delicious invention. It wasn’t. It was terrible.

– Claire, 23

8. I had a few slices of turkey and some smore’s pop tarts. Made a sandwich. My girlfriend was a pretty big hater, but I’d recommend if you’re ever in a bind.

– Mark, 23

9. I ate a weed brownie and was super hungry, but I had no money, so I resorted to scavenging my dorm for handouts. One kid had ramen and another had poptarts. I ended up putting the pop tarts on both sides the uncooked brick of ramen noodles and eating it like a sandwich. I still can’t live that one down.

– Sam, 23

10. I was once blacked out and wanted mac & cheese, so I forced the guy I was hooking up with to make some…except he had no milk. Or butter. Or anything but whipped strawberry cream cheese…so we made strawberry mac & (cream) cheese. We devoured it and he vomited for two minutes afterwards.

– Lauren, 25

11. I bought a King Cone, it was in my freezer for about a year. When I moved out I was starving so I nuked it in the microwave and had some nice King Cone Freezer Burn Soup. Can’t say I’ll do that again.

– Dave, 22

12. One late night in my dorm my friends and I were starving but the cafeteria wasn’t open so we took Doritos topped with shredded cheese and marshmallows. Put that bitch in the microwave for like 30 seconds and bam, we got some sweet homemade nachos. The marshmallows add a sort of fluffy sweet texture you just don’t get with other nachos. Now we do it all the time.

– David, 21

13. My office has two free snacks: string cheese and chocolate-dipped granola bars. I was too broke to afford lunch, so I melted three sticks of cheese onto a peanut butter granola bar. The chocolate and cheese created like…almost a sweet alfredo? It was actually delicious. I still think about it, even though I almost got fired for doing it.

– Jason, 28

14. I once ate cucumbers dipped in cake frosting because they were the only two things I had in my fridge one night in college. It’s surprisingly delicious.

– Kristen, 27

15. I finished my friend’s leftover garbage plate from the night before. No regrets. #RIT baby!

– Jordy, 25

16. One time I ate a whole thing of sour cream thinking it was yogurt. To be fair, I was very drunk at the time.

– Ricky, 22

17. I am a disgusting human. I bought microwavable scallops from Whole Foods and then, when I was black out, brought them to my friend’s room at 4am to make. Instead, I left them in her microwave and forgot about them. 5 months later, her and her roommates finally found the source of the fishy smell in their room.

– Ross, 23

18. Hot pockets. Packet of grape jelly. Vodka. Let your imagination chew on that.

– Trevor, 26

19. Remember at like middle school soccer dinners, when people would take a glass of coke and put everything disgusting in it? Food, pepper, ketchup, etc.? I did that at the dining hall for $30 a few weeks ago. Didn’t bother looking what they put in, but afterwards I was told there was a dash of mucus.

– Anonymous, 20

20. I asked my boyfriend to make dinner for me our sophomore year, but he was too lazy to buy ingredients, so he microwaved an ‘asian chicken’ lean cuisine and mixed in what he thought was a packet of ramen noodle flavoring to add a kick of flavor. It was hot cocoa. I realized it on the first bite, but I ate it anyway.

– Allie, 24

21. I was the queen of putting the most disgusting bowls of whatever was left in my cabinets together. There’d be like garbanzo beans and pepperoncinis mixed with cranberry sauce and like a splash of fried rice that was left over from last week’s chinese food. I would just put it all together and sort of gag it down until I wasn’t hungry anymore.

– Kat, 24

22. I lost a bet and had to eat a pound of chopped liver. I came a lot closer to finishing than I thought I would…

– Marcus, 25

23. Plain tortillas dipped in Nutella, ice cream, cream cheese, mild salsa, and/or guacamole. Most times I’d combine those dipping ‘sauces,’ depending on what I could steal from the dining hall. I was an animal, I can’t even look at tortillas now.

– Jordan, 26

24. Pretzels dipped in frosting. To be honest, I still eat this sometimes even when I’m not desperate.

– Pete, 22

25. In college I used to leave pasta out for a day or two, it’d dry out from not being in the fridge. Not the best tasting, but didn’t hate the crunch.

– Ryan, 23

26. I put ketchup in my chicken noodle soup a couple of times.

– Katie, 22

27. You know when you go to the supermarket and shrimp is 75% off? I learned the hard way.

– Ty, 24