Guarding Your Heart Is Actually A Huge Mistake


When a man says those three little words, everything become more complicated than it should be. What does he mean? Is his interpretation similar to mine? What kind of love is it?

Some people say those words just for the sake of saying them, without meaning it. I find it offensive when people misuse the word, because it’s unfair to the people who actually believe in the sacredness of it.

Many argue that love takes different forms and languages. However, one thing I do know, from countless experiences with friends, family, and myself, is that when we say we’re “falling in love,” it means that we are collapsing. Does that imply that weakness is attached to love? Do we become weak when we’re in love?

A lot of people say that love makes you stronger, gives you reasons to live, to fight, to wake up everyday. Yes, this could be true, but that also means we’re fighting, living, and waking up each day, knowing that we are weak individuals who continue to search for reasons and answers.

How much should we love then?

I know a lot of people, and it would be hypocritical of me to not include myself, who put their walls up to shield themselves for various reasons. When they enter a relationship, they become guarded, alarmed, doubtful. They tell themselves not to love wholeheartedly, because they’re worried about what will happen if they grow too attached.

This might sound stupid, but this is exactly why you should love a person like you’ve never loved before.

Yes, you will get hurt. A thousand times. A million times. It will hurt because their name was deeply engraved in your heart. You will have a harder time losing them than their exes who had loved them halfheartedly. You will struggle, and that’s okay.

You already know that there’s a possibility of losing that person, which is why you have to love them as much as you can, before you part with them.

Many of us take people for granted, because we feel too comfortable with their presence in our lives. They may love us, but our love is not always enough to convince them to stay. So one day, you might wake up, find them gone, leaving you with a pile of regrets, wishing you didn’t hold back.

Many might argue, well, if he or she really loved me, then wouldn’t they stay no matter what the circumstances were? That is the wrong question to ask. The proper question would be, “Did I love them with everything I had?”

If the answer is yes, and they left regardless, then at least you can walk away knowing you did your best and it didn’t work out. If the answer is no, then maybe you never even loved them at all, and that person realized it.

You can’t guard yourself and love someone at the same time. You may have issues in your life, but if you really want to let someone in, you will do your best to crush those walls and to let the other person into your universe.

I have heard people advise their friends on how they should be wise in their decisions, especially when it comes to loving a person. They should think, and not let their heart rule over them. They should think about practicality, financial stability, what their benefits are from the relationship.

But no, they are not wise for protecting themselves. They are not wise for thinking about themselves first. In fact, it is foolish for them to say that love is something you should think about. It’s supposed to felt. The ones who love less deprive themselves of their ability to constantly give. They deprive themselves of discovering the extent of their generosity and self-expression.

Uncertainty is evident in all relationships, whether it is the smooth-sailing kind or the rocky rollercoaster on-and-off type.

That’s why you should love with the thought of losing the person at any time.

Love like it’s your last dying breath.