Guys, This Is How You Know A Girl Is Really Into You


Girls are confusing. As a girl myself, I fully cop to that. (But in our defense, guys can be complicated too, just in a different way.) So when you meet the girl of your dreams, it can be overwhelming figuring out if she’s interested in you. The good news is you don’t need to try to read her mind to figure it out; just look out for these 5 signs:

1. She’s genuinely interested in your life story.

A girl interested in you is, well, interested in YOU. Childhood memories, likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams, she wants to know it all. You clearly already caught her interest if she’s asking (assuming she’s not just making small-talk to be polite) and engaging in conversation is just a step to determine if you’re a compatible partner for her. Simple questions like, “What are you siblings like?” or “What do you do for fun?” not only gives us the chance to dig a little deeper but we get the chance to share a little something about ourselves, too!

2. She asks to hang out often … just the two of you.

Sure, you’re friends and friends hang out right? But if she asks you to hang out more than any of her other cronies, especially without mutual friends present, it either means one of two things: She either thinks you’re an awesome friend or she really, really, really likes you and wants you all to herself. Hope or the latter.

3. She introduces you to her BFFs.

She’s doing this for two reasons: One: to see how you behave around her friends. Two: to see what her friends think of you. As you know (or now know), a BFF’s opinion on her friend’s object of interest is extremely highly regarded. I once went out on a few dates with a guy who insulted my BFF a few times (accidentally, but still) and she absolutely abhorred him. Lo and behold, their behavior toward each other was my warning sign to hop on the last helicopter out of Saigon.

4. She touches you…a lot.

You’re a horrible comedian. You know it, she knows it. But instead of rolling her eyes, she’ll playfully slap your arm and let her hand linger for a second or two or five. Or when you’re sitting side-by-side watching a movie, it’s not your imagination, her elbow really is touching yours and staying there. Do you feel the spark? ‘Cause we do.

5. No, you’re not dreaming, her hugs seem extra long.

For lots of women, hugs are an intimate way to show love and affection. (Why do you think we hug our friends when we haven’t seem them for, like, an hour?) One of my friends isn’t a hugger, so when she allowed her now-boyfriend to hug her for the first time, it was a pretty big deal. Some girls also use long hugs as an opportunity to take in your scent (it’s not creepy, I swear; guys just smell really nice sometimes) or to hold on for an extra second. If her hug seems a few seconds too long, you’re not in your head – she might really be into you.

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