Halsey Broke Down Onstage After Her Split With G-Easy


Halsey and G-Easy have gone their separate ways, and I’m just going to take a while guess and say it isn’t an amicable split, considering Halsey started crying during her first concert since their break up.

She was singing her breakup song “Sorry” at the Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing, Michigan when fans noticed the tears in her eyes when she sang, “Someone will love you / But someone isn’t me.” One fan even caught the emotional moment on camera.


“We love you!” fans screamed in support when it became evident she was crying.

Halsey confirmed her breakup with G-Easy, who she’d been dating for almost a year, on Instagram stories last Tuesday.

Some fans even think that Halsey alluded to G-Easy cheating on social media, due to a few cryptic tweets she posted soon after, including “pumpkin eater” (like the rhyme “cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater” and a pair of scissors (which fans believe may reference the line in her song with G-Easy, “Him & I,” where G-Easy raps, “Ever catch me cheating, she would try to cut my dick off”).

Did G-Easy cheat? Maybe. But no matter how the pair broke up, I think there were plenty of hard feelings.