Handbook For The Soul


Don’t apologize for being sad. Don’t say you have no reason to be sad just because you have a roof above your head, money on your purse or food on the table. You are not just a physical body ― you have a soul. And souls break, too. When you have a broken arm you don’t say, “There’s no reason for me to have a broken arm,” right? No, you go and seek for help to mend your broken arm.

The soul needs mending, too. Just like your body, your soul needs nourishment, too. When your soul can’t find the ‘food’ it needs, it starves ― it hurts. And it’s never possible to be hurting and not sad. So don’t ever apologize for being sad.

People need to understand that when someone needs attention, they should be given attention. No matter how much this person needs, he should know that another soul his cry ― he is not alone.

A soul doesn’t need to take a shot of vodka straight from the bottle and say, “My day was fine.” A soul doesn’t have to wish to never wake up before going to sleep at night. A soul doesn’t have to prefer not to take a second serving for dinner just because it might make her fatter. A soul doesn’t have to watch what she eats and cry at night if she had too many. A soul shouldn’t hurt because of her physical body. It should be sad because she didn’t get to eat today because she was too busy watching her favorite TV show not because she was afraid a bag of chips and a can of soda will make a toll on her weight. A soul shouldn’t be sad because she have no money set aside to buy the newly arrived leather bag where the rest of her peers shop. A soul shouldn’t be sad because the girl he asked out didn’t agree. A soul shouldn’t be sad for not going out Friday night. A soul shouldn’t be sad for feeling sad.

Unfortunately, these are some of the wrong reasons why someone is sad. A soul is sad because others make it feel that way. Another soul typing her heart out and dictating that another shouldn’t be sad for those reasons is wrong. It’s just extremely sad how a soul is being undermine by the standard set by another ― that’s what’s sad.

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