Happily Ever After Isn’t Always So Predictable


Oh, she got some unusual looks, the ones who go unnoticed on the street, people bumping into her,

and being surprised it’s a person, not a wall,

but the same girl, with her ordinary face, she has the beauty that only some see, and someone puts her face on his album cover,

and everybody starts searching for her,

in the streets and in alleys, they knock on doors, look under the street-lights, and as they pass her by, nobody sees her,

because she’s always looking up at the sky, and nobody is looking at her from above, and they can’t ever find her,

the only trace she was ever here in this world is that one picture someone took of her, while she idly stared at the nothing in the everyone’s faces,

while she was thinking,

‘why wouldn’t they fail to notice me, when they don’t even notice themselves anymore.’ and a sadness settled over the surface of her heart, like an expensive rug,

and she sat on it, and closed her eyes,

there is no point in seeing anything anymore, and she walks around the house barefoot, feeling the earth with her toes,

but still nobody found her, because she wasn’t the same person as before,

and she remained undiscovered and she lived happily ever after.