Happy ‘Us’ Day, Ladies


The strong women who came before us fought hard to bring us to the point we’re at today. Let’s continue to make them proud.

Let’s be writers, musicians, athletes, doctors, engineers, mechanics, or whatever have you — let’s be that. And let’s be great at it. Let’s show the alpha males of this world what we’re made of. Let’s show them that we don’t just deserve to have it all, but that we CAN have it all.

Because, although we’ve come this far, our fight is not over until every young girl believes that she can do anything. Our fight is not over until every young girl believes being a woman is a BLESSING, not a curse.

So, let’s teach them. Let’s teach them to be independent and to love themselves.

Let’s teach them that being a woman is about more than just what we look like or how we dress, but that it is okay to care about what we look like and how we dress. Let’s teach them that we make our own rules. Tall or short, curvy or small, light or dark, curly or straight — we are our own versions of beautiful.

Let’s teach them that embracing femininity rather than fearing it will be their greatest strength. But that it is okay to not be feminine. Again, we make our own damn rules.

Let’s teach them that if they work hard and put their mind to something, they can and will achieve it.

Let’s teach them that “being emotional” makes us caring and loving and giving and sacrificial and kind. But that will never take away from how tough, intelligent, hardworking and dare I say it? badass we can be. We have a fighting spirit that makes life with us exciting and a calmness that makes life with us worthwhile.

We were made to add color to this world, so let’s not constrict ourselves to the black and white boundaries of patriarchy and let’s. go. paint.