Hardpour Corn


Artisan craft all-natural organic
pesticide free manure
no soil no

No nutrient free fortified farmfound
family fed, worm free soil
no harm no
no manure

No birds allowed no pecking,
no nests were disturbed
no nesting, no wings were clipped
no plucking

Certified free range cage free
handfed farmborne corn free
no government raised corn,
no corn

No cruel no animal free of batter,
batter free batter free of bad salts,
low sodium no substitute
sodium free no salt

No fat no unsaturated fatfree
no syrup, no MSG, no fructose
no high no syrup no fruit no lactose
no tolerant poultice-rich
nutrient poultry beak free no corn,
no corn, corn?

No yeast no lifebased living no
gluten-gluten free no, anti steroid
no antibody living sterile seed
bare of oil based source fed
sustainable compound at commune,
no commoners

No machines no pastures,
no pasteurized lands no lands were cut,
no cutting, no cuddlefish no crustaceans,
no pests were harmed
no pescatarian possibility,
no fruits without froufrou peach-free popo pubes, no fruits

No teets were milked no milking,
utter lack of lactating mammals,
no udders, anti mammalian cannibals,
no camels, no camping involved
no campers, no

No forcefed meat no meat dairy no,
no non soil rooted legume free
protein, no protein anti protein definitely
anti anti protein free,
get it somewhere else, no family,
family? Get right out of here.

Martyr raised no bad money,
hero made no heros,
no Salsalito sausage scene, no scenery

No non anti reduced,
no free of lack limit, no
absence presence existent on dictation,
no allowance permitted
no of ownership,
no thing by things had, respectively,
no choice no, no eyes
and no no no

No corn

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