Haters Gonna Hate: Comment Sections Are Disgusting And Should Be Avoided At All Costs


I have been writing for a few years now, but it wasn’t until recently that Thought Catalog had begun to publish my work. It also wasn’t until recently that I learned a few things about what that entails.

Having your blogs shared with a vast audience of people is rather exciting and something anyone should be proud of accomplishing so I wish people would stop shitting all over it.  Remember that saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say then say it anonymously in the comment section?” Funny, I don’t recall that one either, but according to every single article I have read online, that seems to be a popular mantra.

I never understood the concept of leaving negative comments, anonymously or not, on someone’s creative outlet. It’s a simple concept really. If you didn’t enjoy whatever they created, don’t read it, watch it, or listen to it again. Breaking News! It takes more effort to express your disdain than it does to keep scrolling.  If you have time to re-write a never ending story expressing your negative opinions then you definitely have time to write something more worthwhile. Just keep in mind someone like yourself will probably rip it apart faster than a gold digger to a pre-nup.

Now I understand my sense of humor is sarcastic, sometimes sick, and usually inappropriate so it doesn’t mean it’s for everybody. If you are overtly sensitive, I am not your gal Sunday, and I have even considered put a disclaimer at the beginning of each blog…”If you don’t love booze, dick jokes, or ‘Step Brothers’ references, you may want to move along.”

I have also discovered that no matter what I write about, I will inevitably piss someone off. If I write about making my boyfriend a sandwich, the feminists will attack me.  If I publish a piece about the color blue, people will call me a racist for not writing about the other colors. I could talk about how much I love peanut butter, however the jelly enthusiasts will declare war, and let’s be honest, the war on Jiffy is one nobody wins.

If you too are a writer or considering being one, do not let the internet bullies of the world affect your willingness to share your art. Write about whatever interests you, and people with a like mind will read it. If there are people who have sexual relationships with inanimate objects, there will be someone who can identify with your work.

And now since I have probably just offended someone who is marrying their Mustang next week, I will most likely be attacked so I leave you with this…

Remember, comment sections are like that kid in the second grade who came down with the first case of the “cooties”… they are disgusting and should be avoided at all costs. 

featured image – Thought Catalog