Have We Learned Nothing From History? Hello Kansas? Why So Homophobic?


Or are we just always doomed to repeat it? Yes has to be the answer to one of these questions when you look at Kansas’ current attempt to pass a bill that will segregate Gay and Straight people in their state.

First off, whoa Kansas, we thought the Westboro Baptist Church was aggressive but you’re taking it to a new level. Are you forgetting that your fellow southern states have been through this whole “segregation” thing before and it didn’t work out so well? Something about it being a gross negligence of human rights? I don’t know…that’s just what they tell me.

But in all seriousness, how is this something that has even been prominent enough to make the news, much less something that looks like it could very much become a reality. People, this is 2014! We have had men jumping from outer space back to Earth, we have a black president, THEY MAKE COOKIE DOUGH OREOS NOW. We are eons ahead of the idiotic ideas of segregating any kind of person, and the fact that I am reading the headline “Kansas Anti-Gay Segregation Bill” right now, quite frankly, makes me a little bit sick.

Yes, I personally support gay marriage. One, because it’s just two people getting married, no one asked you to crawl into bed with them so what the hell should anyone care. Two, if one more person throws the “bible” (yes, I just put bible in quotations, take that as you will) or “sanctity of marriage” in my face, I’m probably going to lose my freakin’ mind. However, this bill goes way beyond people being against gay marriage. It goes as far as refusing to serve people in restaurants if the staff believes the person is gay, and that their mere existence within a 10 mile radius of them is encroaching on their religion.

The bill literally reads that employees may deny service to gays in the name of “religious liberty.” I’m sorry… is the definition of liberty not freedom? Did I miss that day in school? I could be wrong but religious liberty is having the freedom to have your own beliefs and practice them. So, on those grounds, gay people should have the freedom to have their own beliefs and practice them. What if in Kansas they started firing straight people, or people who wear hideous cargo pants (because that is a bigger crime that being gay EVER could be), because they also by this law have the right to deny service based on religious liberty.

All in all, this whole old white dudes deciding that gay people should have 0 rights just because they are unhappy with their humdrum boring lives with boring wives, is getting a little old. Actually it’s not just getting old, it’s getting downright disgusting. These are lives, and livelihoods, that people are messing with because they don’t know how to comfortable in their own skin and be accepting of things other than what they are.

It’s 2014 and we are still scared of different. It’s 2014, where we have entire Olympic teams throwing gay rights in Russia’s face because of their atrocious intolerance. It’s 2014 and yet Kansas is trying to pull a play from the 1930’s playbook. It’s 2014 and gay is the new black.