He Broke Her, But That Heartbreak Set Her Free


She held his face in her palms.

Her eyes watered as she stared into his eyes. The eyes she used to lose herself in. The eyes that used to make her feel in ways she never felt before. As the tears came rolling down her face, she confessed her love for him. She confessed how hurt she was. She confessed how mistreated she felt.

And just like that, he lost her. He lost the most beautiful girl, a girl with a gorgeous heart. The heart that kept him warm wheneverhe felt cold. The heart that gave him love in abundance.

That moment was when he knew that he messed up. He never had the chance to say for himself for he wasn’t heard. He hadn’t a chance to fight for love.

However broken she was, she promised herself not to be defined by the heartbreak. She promised herself that she wouldn’t shed a tear for someone not worth a drop. She promised herself not to hold on for a love that won’t give.

She promised herself to be strong for her heart, to never back down no matter what. She promised herself love, to teach her heart to do without someone by her side. She set out to live her life to the fullest. And that’s exactly what she did.

Despite the hurt, she promised herself to love again.

She promised herself to cry, tears of laughter from her next love. The laughter from the healing of her wounds. She promised herself to keep her heart open, to have it open for love. She promised herself to always be ready for love. She promised herself that she will find love, love that’s worth the find, love that’s worth every single ounce of energy she will give.

She promised to always have a smile on her face. She promised herself to shine like the star she has always been.

She promised herself not to sacrifice for a love that didn’t deserve any. She promised to have herself first before anything, to let go. She became a free soul.

She taught her heart the art of forgiveness. She taught herself to forget all the pain with time. It was never easy for her, but the kindness and love in her overpowered the pain, the anger and the hatred that was swarming her heart.

She looked forward to each and every sunrise and sunset. She looked forward to hearing the chirps at her window every morning. She looked forward to seeing the birds outside on her tree. She fell in love with nature. She fell in love with the site of the birds, the chirps that would signify a new day. The site of the beautiful birds that always had her smiling. She taught herself to adore nature and all of its beauty with nothing else in mind.

She became the woman she never thought she’d become.
She became the woman she taught herself to be.