He Is No Longer Worth The Fight


We allow ourselves to believe that we are no longer as valuable because we no longer have value to the person we love. What we don’t see is that, in reality, we were loving so courageously, relentlessly, and without condition that we blinded ourselves from seeing we were loving someone who truly did not deserve it. It isn’t a fault of your own to have the capability to see past the imperfections of someone who is incapable of seeing past yours.

A man who walks away is a man who is no longer deserving of your love. Even if he held a perfect track record during your relationship, the moment he decided you were no longer worth it was the moment he wasn’t either. Everyone has flaws and shortcomings and faults, but it is how we respond to and grow from them that matters. If you are actively striving towards remedying the behaviors and thoughts that don’t benefit you or your relationship and your partner cannot appreciate that, then he is no longer worth your effort. You are building the Sainte-Chapelle, and the man who does not want to be there when you are laying the bricks does not get to marvel at the stained glass.

We have so many seasons of life, and in each of those seasons comes people who love us and who we love. But as the seasons change, and we change with them, the things we deserve and want change as well. If we still desire the things we no longer have, it doesn’t mean that at some fault of our own we lost something that we can never get back. It means that we have just not realized a new season is coming, and with that, something so much better.