Healing Isn’t A Fix, It’s A Transition


There isn’t an algorithm for healing without a scar. Healing is an act of self-love and self-care, and it’s unique to everyone’s journey. Healing isn’t a fix because you’re not broken. Healing is a transition, a turning point in your life where you can move onto what’s next in your journey.

Truth is, healing is trying to make sense of your pain, and it’s not always pretty. It might not be something you want to share on your social media, or with your friends or family. It’s a lot of “heartwork”. Sometimes it isn’t very clean. Sometimes you’ll just know what you need to do and get it done. Healing has many forms, it can go many directions. Don’t compare your recovery to someone else; this is your journey.

It’s important when you actively want to focus on an area that needs attention, to be patient. Something you thought might help you could end up making you feel worse, so it’s essential to be patient and be gentle in this process with yourself because you’re just trying to live your life at the end of the day. And sometimes we’ll do things that aren’t great for us, and sometimes we’ll do what’s best for us. It happens.

Our bodies are one of the best indicators to tell whether or not something is uncomfortable or harmful. Sometimes the slightest twitch or sweat collecting on the nose can tell you more than your thoughts could about a situation. It’s important to trust yourself and trust the intuitive signals because it’s easy to be clouded by outside distractions and toxic energy.

Healing requires your trust. Healing requires patience. Healing requires forgiveness. You’ll realize throughout your journey that there will be many moments when you want to punish yourself for something you regret, acknowledge that you made a mistake, but now you know better, and it’s time to forgive yourself and move on.

Healing sees the conflict that you’re trying to overcome in itself, but all it wants to do is make it better with lots of love, so let it happen.