Healing Your Mind Will Re-Create Your Life: Here Are 5 Ways To Get It Done


To be in throes of another existential crisis is not unique. It’s a pillar of the human condition and a staple of those who are still caught in relying on the mind for interpretation of their lives rather than the being. This derives from an inability to connect with our higher selves: to embrace the journey and the fact that we are meant to go through these motions and that at all times, it’s only a matter of how well we connect with that truth, and how well we can train ourselves to cope. Everything negative we experience is a derivative of gaps in our psychological health: between what we attract, how we process and how we cope afterwards.

Nobody else will do it for us and nothing else will save us, and the problem is that we’re all waiting for that. We want something to relieve us of whatever it is that’s troubling us. But as long as we aren’t embracing our own awareness, what comes externally will not affect us. Healing the mind will heal everything else in time.

1. The mind is often whimsical and untrustworthy, but the soul is not, and if you use the mind to interpret the soul, you can uncover what it is you need to commit to dealing with.

Learn yourself thoroughly, and figure out what’s at the root of your current predicament: dig through it, sit with it, and commit to finding a solution rather than dancing around it, fixing the symptoms. I write. I write down problems and why I feel one way or another and what made me feel this way and why I shouldn’t and how I can make myself better and I write down the outcomes and what I’m afraid of and when I’m able to look at it all so objectively on paper like that, it really does get better. It makes sense. It makes incomprehensible issues seem so approachable, and that’s the key.

2. Physically speaking, our bodies were built to heal themselves, and modern medicine has proven this for us.

We know the following: we have a fight-or-flight response system, dominated by the sympathetic nervous system, and a relaxation response, run by the parasympathetic nervous system. Your body cannot heal itself while it’s in the former.

If you need more proof of the fact that the mind controls the body’s wellness, consider the placebo effect. If you believe your situation or condition is incurable or that you’ll never find happiness, you will bring that to your own experience. Our lives are really nothing more than our reactions and enactment to our interpretation of the world, and the way we construct our minds to interpret is directly correlated with the state of wellness we experience each day.

3. One of the greatest things to free ourselves from is the ultimate act of the ego: attachment to the outcome.

It’s the source of all our stress: either worrying what someone will think of what we are or do, or about how something will turn out and thenceforth be subject to judgment by ourselves or others. A way to move past this is to release attachment to the outcome. Whatever is, is. It’s nothing to be judged because as long as you’re doing all you can, it’s out of your control.

4. Don’t disregard what we were designed for, and the simplicity of what we were created to do: it’s the cycle of socially-driven lifestyles that ultimately destroys us.

These are the things we were made for: to eat the food of the earth, to move around and use our bodies, to have experiences, to love and lose to grow and learn. No wonder we break when we cut ourselves off from these things. No wonder we’re miserable when we get caught up in a lifestyle that we were not built for. We’re best off living simplistically, and learning to remove ourselves from the cycle of the socially-driven lifestyle we’re consumed by day in and day out.

5. If nothing else, re-define what happy, healthy and healed mean to you: yours are the only definitions that matter for your life.

People trip themselves up most when they think that these things mean they’ll be overwhelmingly joyous when of course, that’s never the case. I can’t define these things for you, because they’re subjective and they’re meant to be. But they should all revolve around the basic truths of our existence: things will not be easy, but from those things we will derive our greatest growth, that life is filled with simple, little joys that are ours for the taking if only we reach out and grab them, that everything is fleeting and attachment is the root of our pain and that every experience we have serves a significant purpose, and we should walk away from each with knowledge, not remorse. 

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