This 8-Year-Old Abuse Victim’s Thankful Letter Shows Just How Much Pain Love Can Heal


“I think if you never helped me my life would still be awful and lonely.”

This is Marie Rose Suprenant with her new foster mother.

At eight months, Marie had already suffered extreme physical abuse on the part of her birth parents which left her permanently disabled. Among her injuries were a fractured skull and a spinal injury which left her paraplegic. However, her birth mother and boyfriend were arrested and she was placed in the care of a foster mother.

But now, at 8 years of age, she is happy with her foster mother. She is so happy, in fact, that she took the time to write a letter to the social workers who helped her escape the sad and abusive conditions she was living in and find a loving home and a loving woman to grow up with. Here is the letter that she wrote thanking them for saving her and helping her to find a future.